Past Milestone

1979 : The first Health survey among bidi rollers of different markets at Bhangar by M. A. Wohab together with Brother Gaston, Sabitri Pal, Lucy and others.

1980 : Establishment of clinical centre along with pathological services in a deserted tea shop at Bhangar.

1981 : i) Establishment of its two branches, one at Bhagawanpur and the other at Bodra both at Bhangar.

ii) Digging of deep tubewells for drinking water at Bhogali – II Gram Panchayat and other different Gram Panchayats of Bhangar. During ferocious storm at Jharkhali, committed volunteers of SHIS carried out relief work alongside Seva Sangha Samity

1982 : Spread of clinical aid among the TB patients of neighbouring P. S. area beyond Bhangar. The society was given its present name by our spiritual leader Br. Gaston Dayananda.

1983 : The registration of this Samity and the assuming of its independent status with the objective of improving the education, health, residence and eco-socio standard of the locality. John Victor Pradhan inaugurated the present complex of SHIS and Bhangar Clinic which was named after Late Buddhadev Mishra, a well -wisher of SHIS.

1986 : First meeting with legendary Dominique Lapierre through Brother Gaston Dayanand. From this year he started his benevolent contribution towards Tuberculosis control programme specially for the people of Sunderbans.

1987 : Stated medical treatment and pathological test of general patients. Gave tubewells for drinking water in different panchayat area. Got Anti TB Drugs from the Indian Govt. Started X-Ray at Bhangar Clinic with adequate help from Dominique Lapierre. Beginning of Basanti Mobile Clinic. Tata Trust gave an Ambulance.

Contribution from the Dr. Renate Konig, Dr. Tobias Schüth and Dr. ZeacoumarChanemougame as volunteer in the field of Tuberculosis to enhance and strengthen the Tuberculosis programme, with their revolutionary ideas, thoughts and treatment, which later made SHIS a legendary organization in controlling Tuberculosis.

Prof. Dr. H. N. Gupta of Regina University, Canada and Prof. A. K. Ray of Toronto, Canada contributed their valuabletime with their ideas, knowledge, blessings and support for the betterment of the society specially for the underprivilege poor people.

Dr. ZeacoumarChanemougame helped SHIS in the long term treatment procedure of TB patients, which was of 18 months.

1988 : Commencement of Pathology Unit of Basanti Mobile Project. Construction of huts for the Cyclone affected T.B. Patients. In this year the Basanti Rickshaw puller association donated their room for running the TB clinic at Basanti.

1991 : 192 Low Cost Sanitation and 10 Tubewell was installed in Bhangar Area.

1992 : Full Sanitation in Bhumru (200 Low Cost Sanitation) and installation of 10 Tubewell.

1993 : Distribution of Smokeless Chulla in collaboration with Jay Prakash Institute of Social Change‟ about 1500 to TB patients.

1995 : Starting of a dream relation with Dr. Med. Joachim Hacker of Germany. Same year Mr. Enrique Aldaz Carroll of Spain and Ms. Susan Walter of USA also started contributing for SHIS social welfare endeavour.

1996 : The biggest achievement of SHIS was of establishing of Haroa TB Clinic in Peyara under Haroa Block. The Deaf & Dumb School was established in 1996 in response to the need for rural rehabilitation for hearing impaired children in the Bhangar and especially Sunderbans.

1997 : Inauguration of Floating Boat Dispensary by Dominique Lapierre to serve the sick in the neighbouringSunderban islands.It was initiated by Holland-baseMersion Group on its 100th anniversary in 1996. SHIS – Ashadeep the micro credit and thrift venture of SHIS was started in form of Self Help Group (SHG) formation. Survey the Medicinal Plant programme and Bio-Technology unit was also started in this year.

1998 : Another wing was added in form of Mobile Boat Dispensary by Dominique Lapierre, this boat was fully equipped like its predecessor with X-Ray, Pathology, Wireless Communication, etc.
SARI of France contribution towards Girl Child Education specially the underprivileged children through sponsorship programme.

Initiatives of TDH of Switzerland in the field of Herbal Medicine production through Women Empowerment.

1999 : In the month of March, SHIS prestigious Mobile Health Care Services (MHCS) was launched in South 24 Parganas in collaboration with Health System Development Project – II, Govt. of West Bengal. In this same year revolutionizing Madrasa education programme was launched in view to making the madrasa education more appropriate in relevant to modern times in 25 villages in Bhangar – I & II Block.

His Excellency Honourable Governor (Ex), Dr. A. R. Kidwai laid the foundation stone of SHIS ShishuBikash Academy for educational development of the children on 25th of April, 1999.

Present Millennium

2000 : In this year the first SHIS Sanitary Mart Project was established at Bhangar in South 24 Parganas.

2001 : Steps were taken to bring the social offenders (Dacoits) of 44 nos. initially into the mainstream of the society through SHIS – Ashadeep

Dominique Lapierre inaugurated by freeing 21 pigeons on the occasion of 21st anniversary of SHIS.

2002 : In this year GO-NGO collaboration was initiated with Govt. of India in form of Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme (RNTCP) for 4 TB Units in North 24 Parganas only. In the month of April 2001 Mobile Health Care Services (MHCS) was launched for North 24 Parganas district.

New wing of SHIS was started in North Bengal specially in the forest region of Jalpaiguri and Cooch Behar with General Clinic and Diagnostic facilities and mainly to control Malaria with collaboration of Forest Department, Govt. of West Bengal.

In the month of September in collaboration with CARE – West Bengal, SHIS started Community Based Direct Observation Treatments (CB-DOTs) in 3 TU‟s in Malda, Murshidabad and South 24 Parganas respectively.

This was the year SHIS's most coveted programme SHIS Eye Care Hospital was launched.

2003 : Relief for closed Tea Garden was given for 20,000 victims from 5 tea estates in Kalchini, Kumargram and Dhupguri Blocks in Jalpaiguri District. In this year 3 TU's for South 24 Parganas was handed over to SHIS under the RNTCP.

Collaboration with Rotary Club of Calcutta Chowringhee in installation of Tubewell, Latrine and Road construction.

2004 : SHIS inaugurate the Mini Hospital naming SHIS BasantiSeva Kendra on 11th of March. SHIS Girls Academy programme was started in this year, to fulfill the gap of quality education programme for the deprived girl child, as an extended part of Girl and Child focused education. On December Dominique Lapierre received SunderbanSeva Award, for relentless pursuit to rendered social service. SHIS joined the relief programme as immediately as the news spread regarding Tsunami affected areas in Tamilnadu and Andaman Nicobar Islands.

2005 : 2nd phase of CB-DOTs programme was started in collaboration with CARE-West Bengal in 4 TU‟s under Nadia, South 24 Parganas and North 24 Parganas.

2006 : On 15th April SHIS inaugurated its Malda Centre and in this same year SHIS Kandaran Project was also started in view to control Kala-Azar with support from Irish Aid.

SHIS Dominique Lapierre Colony construction programme was started for 60 nos. of families, victims of river erosion of Phulahar river in Malda District. Emergency relief programme as well as reconstruction of houses was done for 100 families who lost everything in fire in Chapra under Nadia District.

SHIS received the prestigious recognition from West Bengal AIDS Prevention Control Society as well as permission to establish Voluntary Council and Testing Centre (VCTC) along with STD clinic.

The extension of Mobile Boat Dispensary service of SHIS was inaugurated at Kultali Block under South 24 Parganas district.

SHIS ShishuBikash Academy received recognition as Junior School upto Class – VIII under West Bengal Board of Secondary Education.

SHIS got the necessary Drug License for starting Herbal Medicine production as a sustainable venture for SHIS Herbal Medicinal project. In this SHIS has also received the Facilitator Project for 8 District under RNTCP.

2007 : Reproductive Child Health Project was approved for Kultali, Kakdwip, Patharapratima and Namkhana under South 24 Parganas block as a innovative RCH programme by Health & Family Welfare Dept., Govt. of West Bengal.

Permission to start ICTC centre and Community Health Training programme.

Mr. M. A. Wohab, Director of SHIS received the important Godfrey Philips Lifetime Achievement Award from then Shri P. R.Das Munshi, Honourable MIC Information and Broadcasting, Govt. of India.

2008 : SHIS started its Institutional Delivery Centre approve at Bayermari – II and Nazat – I in North 24 Parganas District along with Rakhalpur under Patharpratima Block and SHIS headquarter (Ayushmati) in South 24 Parganas District.

In the field of Civil Society Support Programme for West Bengal, SHIS with support from DFID-PRIA implemented first of its kind activities in Murshidabad District.

In this year SHIS was included in the coveted National Tuberculosis Consortium (NTC) programme where giants like World Vision, CARE, ADRA, GLRA, and TB-ALERT were among the few to combat and bid for Global Fund through Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM).

In this very field SHIS started its Advocacy Communication and Social Mobilization (ACSM) programme for Kolkata, Nadia and South 24 Parganas District with support from USAID/World Vision.

2009 : In the continues and relentless fight with Tuberculosis SHIS in support with CARE started Initiative to Manage People Centered Alliance (IMPACT).

In this year Ms. Sabitri Pal and Mr. M. A. Wohab, President & Director of SHIS respectively received the prestigious “Unsung Heroes of Compassion 2009” from His Holiness Dalai Lama at Ritz Carlton Hotel in San Francisco in USA.

2010 : ACSM Project so far funded by USAID is now being run by Global Fund – Round 9 instead. In recognitions of our services at south 24 Parganas, Nadia and Kolkata, we were entrusted to run ACSM Project at Jalpaiguri, Kochbihar & Murshidabad. Sight Savers International empowered us to run Kolkata urban slum eye care project.

Care a Primary recipient of USAID, engaged SHIS as Sub-receipient for the Districts of Murshidabad &Malda under Manage People Centered Alliance (IMPACT) Programme, for child survival Health Group Programme in close coordination with RNTCP & NACP with focus on RNTCP and National AIDS control programme at subdistrict level structure for TU‟s case detection & cure rate increase. The aims is to carryout intensive community based TB control activities.

With the Aim of Global marketing of Herbal medicine Director went to S. Korea to finalise a deat with Copion for Jt. Collaboration in the field. There SHIS came to an arrangement with media peace foundation after Mr. Mukul Hasan of SHIS gave presentation at Seoul on the subject. Thereafter 6 member high officials visited SHIS to pursue the matter. COFA fund under Samsung Copion Financial AID Programme, came forward for girls education (at Girls Academy) and for providing hearing aids for students of SHIS Deaf & Dumb School.

Dominique Lapierre visited SHIS - Sunderbans twice – on 3rdFeb 2009 and 8thDec 2009, since he is not expected to visitSHIS in 2010. Cyclone AILA – struck West Bengal on 25th May 2009 with focus on 19 Sunderbans Blocks of North & South 24 Parganas.

SHIS carried out, with its Motor boats & speed boats, massive relief operations for over 3 months WEF 26 may 2009,including desalinization of salinized Ponds. SHIS in collaborations with UNICEF launched post AILA Project in Sandeshkhali I & II blocks for strengthening public delivery system for early recovery of AILA affected vulnerable people & community. SHIS extended help to ADRA India for making project proposal successfully for the disaster relief in Sandeshkhali-I & II block in Sunderbans.

2011 : Kolkata Urban Comprehensive Eye Care Project was launched to provide eye care services and to arrange cataractoperations for prevention of avoidable blindness for slum dwellers of Kolkata Municipal Corporation.

Dominique Lapierre with his team of Friend of SHIS‟ visited SHIS and inspected SHIS Eye Care Clinics at Gabberia. Ditto Foundation Netherlands provided Rs. 30 lakhs as revolving fund for advancing Micro Credit for members of Self Help Group to run self-sustaining self-help ventures.

Wonder Drug Spirulina – a product from sea weed (cyanobacterium), was introduced for production in SHIS Herbal Plant and medicine section enhance dietary supplement of TB patients and to ensure few more years of longevity to HIV / AIDS patients.

TB ACSM was taken over by Global Fund – Round 9 and activities were extend in three districts of North Bengal viz. Jalpaiguri, Cooch Behar and Murshidabad of South, apart for existing three districts in South Bengal

2012 : Launched Health Clinics in 4 areas of Sunderbansrivierine forests, as confidence building measure, for the benefits of forestdwellers under the aegies of Sunderbans Biosphere. SHIS launched Mobile Medical Unit with its fleet of 5 launch baseddispensaries from middle of August, 2012 to provide RCH, Curative, Radiology and Diagnostic services in five clusters covering Hingalgunj, Hasnabad, Sandeshkhali – I & II, Gosaba, Basanti, Kakdwip, Namkahana and Sagar.

Mr. M. A. Wohab, Director of SHIS received Begum Rokeya Award, which was handed over by Mr. Javed Ahmed Khan, Hon‟ble Minister for Fire and Emergency Services, Government of West Bengal and received Ananya Samman by 24 GHANTA NEWS VIDEO CHANNEL with Ms. Sabitri Pal, President of SHIS.

2013 : Launching of Sunderban Eye Health Service Strengthening Project through Community based Eye Care Programme withsupport from Sightsavers in North 24 Parganas District (6 blocks).

Starting of RogiSahayata Kendra (RSK) as patient centric “May I Help You‟ support unit in Mekhliganj Sub Division Hospitalin Cooch Behar District.

Continuation of Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) with support from National Health Mission, this time with 4 launch baseddispensaries in 4 clusters covering Hingalgunj, Hasnabad, Sandeshkhali – I & II, Gosaba and Patharpratima.

2014 : Initiation of 3 nos. of Laboratory Scheme under RNTCP in Malda and Murshidabad District

Janani Shishu Suraksha Karyakram (JSSK) with Jirangacha BPHC in Bhangar Block.

SHIS won the BID for implementing Primary Health Care services by taking over BhutniDeara Primary Health Centre in Malda District in PPP Mode

2015 : Starting of RogiSahayata Kendra at Kakdwip SD Hospital in South 24 Parganas District

2016 : Selected as Sub Recipient under Central TB Division to implement Global Fund Project from the Fiscal Year 2017 – 2018.