Brother Gaston Dayananda

Brother Gaston Dayanand came to India in early seventies from Switzerland. He was a male nurse by profession. He felt an urge to dedicate himself for the uplift of the underprivileged. He decided to come to India. Brother Gaston started social work in Pilkhana, Howrah, where poorest of the poor live. Brother is the main character (Father Kovalasky) of Mr. Dominique Lapierre's book City of Joy. Brother is the moving spirit behind formation of SHIS.

He inspired Mr. M. A. Wohab - then the young secretary of Amaragori Gram Panchayat (village self-governance), in Howrah District of West Bengal - to go back to his village, Bhangar and start social development programme among the underprivileged. Mr. Wohab was so overwhelmed and inspired that he along with Ms. Sabitri Pal, another local social worker, started a clinic on 30th October 1980 from a roofless tea stall at Bhangar. Brother Gaston often visits SHIS to guide SHIS activities.

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